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Outdoor enclosures

Full of internal assets.

Outdoor enclosures are at the heart of our expertise. When designing our products, we recognize the critical value of the internal equipment inside. Through meticulous alignment of structure, cooling systems, and more, we ensure optimal conditions for active equipmnt.

Power systems for BTS

From enclosures to power supplu systems.

Our power supply cabinets are equipped in alignment with project specifications. The core elements of the system encompass an enclosure, cooling systems, a rectifier, and batteries. Given the diversity of our client’s needs, we always take a customized approach to each project, ensuring seamless compatibility with the operator’s existing infrastructure.

FO Components

A network is only as good as its smallest component.

We offer a complete range of passive elements for a fiber-optic network. We manufacture and provide spliceboxes, wall mounted, and freestanding  distribution boxes, and others.

When it comes to many of our products, like cable hacks, you can simply forget about them – they perform their roles and are well-made.

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