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About us

Evostil - Stil The Best


We are support to build reliable infrastructure, ensuring our customer’s seamless operations.

Evostil™ continually evolves and develops to remain the top choice for even the most discerning clients.

Stil The Best!

Reliable People, Reliable Technology

An innovative brand of a team with decades of experience.

Evostil™ operating in the telecommunications and IT markets since 2018, we continue the longstanding legacy of Agmar SA, a trusted provider of metal enclosure systems. Our clients know that they will receive only the best of the best.

Because only the best is good enough.

We place our trust in relationships that lead to perfection - because when professionals work together, the results are greater than the sum of their individual efforts.Everything we do is born from our client’s priorities. Their expectations serve as our primary source of inspiration for continuous improvement, and their goals become ours.A word that's familiar but often misunderstood. True quality requires no embellishments, it’s its true remarkability. No noise - it's either present or not.

Quality rooted in values

What we do results from what we believe in.

Evostil™ consists of peole, who have proved their expertise in some of the most challenging fields for over 20 years, including IT, telecommunications, energy, and industry sectors.

These professionals have consistently proven their efficiency.

Confirmed ISOlidyty

ISO9001:2015 oraz ISO14001:2015 – and everything’s clear.

Evostil™ have ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certifications, which attest to excellence in designing, manufacturing, and integrating enclosures for telecommunications, IT, and Energy sector

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Contac us and let’s start. It’s not worth postponing your success. Start you new project with Evostil.

We’re ready when you’re ready!